Review Roundup: 5 Wearable Internet of Things Devices and GoDaddy

What is the Internet of Things? It’s the increasing number of items we own that connect to the internet to provide us with better service and data tracking. There are smart phones of course, but also smart fridges, coffee makers, and heating systems. Today’s review roundup will feature 5 wearable IoT devices, as well as GoDaddy with focus on their web hosting and domain name registration services.

GoDaddy, the World’s Largest Domain Registrar

For a long time GoDaddy’s claim to fame has been just that: they have more domains registered with them than any other company in the world. That still holds true, although the discontinuation of coupons that are valid specifically for domain renewals after the company’s IPO a few years ago has slowed down their popularity a little. Now, they do still have some general purpose promo codes that will work for domain renewals, and if you have a lot of domains registered with them then you are eligible for the discount domain club. They also have decently priced basic web hosting packages, and if they are also your domain registrar then it’s very easy to keep everything in one place. And now onto our wearable IoT items, these are our top 5 from this week.

1.UP3 Health Tracker

UP3 is a smart, lightweight bracelet that tracks your heart health, sleep patterns, and activity levels. UP3 uses bioimpedance to measure your heart rate when you wake up and at regular intervals throughout the day, so you can see…

GoDaddy Renewal Coupons and 4 More Ways To Launch a Campaign.

Launching a campaign, whether it be through social media, google ads or through your own email list, can be a nerve-wracking experience. After all, you’re sending out a message to your audience in the hopes that they will connect with you and want to buy your product. And if one things goes wrong?…The whole thing can end in disaster. While there are many moving parts, we wanted to create a launch checklist for you to go through before you launch your campaign.

Are your Domain Name and Hosting Plans paid for and up to date? Use GoDaddy Renewal Coupons if You Haven’t:

There’s nothing worse than launching a campaign and then having all that traffic link to a ‘this website is pending renewal page’ from your domain registrar or hosting provider. Making sure that you’re account is in good standing is a simple but incredibly important thing to check for before you launch your campaign. If you’re about to renew soon, then we recommend using a godaddy renewal coupon from WHCC (web hosting coupon codes), or these godaddy renewal coupons. If you haven’t signed up for a website yet but are planning to, make sure you visit this godaddy coupon code website to get the best prices. Never pay full price for web hosting!

Do You Have a Clear Call To Action Button?

So there’s going to thousands (or more) visitors to your website with the goal of getting them to visit your website and ‘convert’, whether that be…

Free GoDaddy Coupons and 4 Other Digital Marketing Resources

Free GoDaddy Coupons: Because Everyone Can Use Them.

So you want to get started in digital marketing. Congratulations! But here’s the first and most valuable tip we can give you as you first start out: don’t overspend. There are so many amazing digital marketing resources out there, and it can be tempting to sign up for all of them. But then you’ll run out of money before your business really has a chance to get off the ground. That’s why we wanted to give you some godaddy coupon codes free of charge. We want to get you into the habit of always searching for a discount on marketing products. Most of these products are software products, which cost nothing to make. Which means that usually there are coupon codes available for them.

Four Free Resources That Will Get You Started in Digital Marketing 

Is it necessary to pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars for one of those big-name online marketing courses? Maybe not. There are plenty of high-quality, free programs out there that will get you beyond the basics. You should, however, work through all of these tutorials and courses before you design your campaign so that you have a better understanding of your options. 

Google Digital Garage 

Google’s online course, Digital Garage, gives you a broad overview on how to market a small business online. It offers short videos and quizzes on topics including establishing your presence, search engine optimization and setting up e-commerce functionality. Of course, it…

Expedia Coupons and $200 Headphones: Millennials are Changing Business

First: A New Type of Expedia Coupon.

Expedia recently announced that they’ll be offering Expedia coupons exclusively through Snapchat. On top of that, these coupons were for travel ‘experiences’, meaning that the destination, flight, and shuttle service would include Spotify playlists that they traveler could choose ahead of time. The trip itself is as individual as the person. Many businesses are reporting that millennials are rejecting the cookie-cutter style of travel and instead are focusing on ‘experiences’ that will create memories for a lifetime. You can’t have the same vacation everyone else is having…instead you need to visit, or experience something that is as unique as you are.

Second: $200 Headphones Are What Millenials Crave.

It may surprise you (if you’re over 30, that is) to learn that the fastest growing segment of the audio equipment market is headphones priced at $150 and above. This list of the best headphones under $200 has to be updated weekly simply to keep up with demand. Gone are the days when the headphones market was a race to the bottom: they were an add-on purchase, usually in the impulse section of an electronics store (remember those?) and cost anywhere from $5 to $30. They were frequently bundled with an expensive piece of electronics (like a portable stereo) just to entice people to buy.

10 Ways Millennials Are Changing How Companies Do Business

As of 2017, the millennial population has surpassed baby boomers in size, becoming the largest generational cohort in America. However,…

A Hostpapa Coupon Code and a Dream: Create a Blog in 5 Minutes.

A What? A Hostpapa Coupon Code!

Why is that essential? Because if you want to start a blog, the first thing you need to realize is that people will try to sell you products you don’t need for services that are free and easy to do. We’ll go over the steps later in the article, but first and foremost you need to realize just how important this factor is when you are first starting out. First, visit this Hostpapa coupon code page (our chosen web host, but you are free to pick another one), and keep it open as you set your web hosting plan.

Creating Your First Blog is Easy with These 5 Simple Steps

You have a unique voice, a contribution to make. You want to start a blog but aren’t sure how to get started. You are in good company. Thousands join the blogging community every day. You can create a blog of your own in just 5 easy steps. #1 Choose Your Topic Decide what you want to write about. This is your niche. If you blog about your favorite hobby, it encourages you to connect with other enthusiast and add your voice to the sea of experts. Blogging about your business keeps your website current and attracts potential clients. It’s up to you. You can add photographs or video content. You can blog to generate income. The door is wide open. #2 Choose Your Platform The platform is the software you will be using…